Salon Manager's Review

To the Prospective Franchisee/ Salon Manager/ Employee...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tania & Joel Turner, for appointing me as salon manager, in their successful business.

With over 20 years experience in the Beauty Industry, I find myself expecting higher standards from my employers, which Shine Beauty delivered. Over the past few months, I was constantly impressed with the Shine team's friendly & professional manner.

Shine Beauty salons core values are to be easy going, friendly & professional which stems directly from the owners, Tania & Joel. As a career orientated mother, Tania & Joel, offered the support, understanding & flexibility I needed to achieve a comfortable balance between my family & career. With a close knit family of their own. Tania & Joel understand the importance of creating career paths, offering encouragement and training to be a successful employee within their company.

Reflecting on my experience at Shine Beauty Salon in Maroochydore, I have personally evolved into a more conscientious & confident salon manager, guided by the owners, Salon Trainers & Shines Policy & Procedure Manuals. The salon performance targets are obtainable and pleasantly rewarding. With direction from Shines uniquely designed smart support web system, Salon Managers are able to run Shine Beauty Salons efficiently & cost effectively.

I believe that having the opportunity to work beside such a professional, fun, loving company, has made me a more positive and passionate Therapist.

Kind Regards,

Robyn Salzmann.