The ‘To Die For’ Anti Ageing Facial That Proves Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Well, here we are, mid Winter in Queensland (and I use the term ‘Winter’ fairly loosely). OK, it hasn’t been that cold, but the Winter months certainly bring their own set of challenges to your skin.
During the cooler days, it is pretty easy to pick up habits that are horrible for your skin. It is the time of year when the thought of eating salad drains you of the will to live, chocolate seems like an entirely reasonable choice for breakfast (especially if it’s 70% - antioxidants and all that), and 8 glasses of water can justifiably be replaced with hot chocolate (or red wine, or espresso martinis … insert your favourite poison here).
Fortunately, there is a fix for the beauty regime malaise that strikes good and diligent women everywhere. And just because it is a very targeted anti ageing treatment, it doesn’t mean it is not perfect for women of any age because (by happy coincidence), it also hydrates your skin like you won’t believe. 
I’m talking about the Youth Diamond Sensation Facial.
Step 1. To start with, you will be treated to a 5 minute warm gemstone welcome massage of the face and decolletage (you may or may not be aware, that you should be lavishing the same love on your decolletage as you do your face - it’s actually tres important).
The gemstones used are Pink Quartz and Jade. These gemstones look and feel divinely yummy, and they are used during the massage to open the pores, stimulate the lymphatic system to drain toxins, improve circulation and generally to help you chill into a magical state of relaxation. Seriously. You won’t know yourself when this treatment is done
Step 2. After a skin diagnosis and double cleanse, a luscious AHA Blue Amber Peel is applied to gently exfoliate your skin. This particular peel contains fruit acids, which dissolve the ‘glue’ that holds the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, together. But without scrubbing or harsh chemicals, which makes it awesome for sensitive skin, or for those with breakouts, or broken capillaries (thanks to the aforementioned red wine).
For those who enjoy a few fun facts … Blue Amber is a very rare and precious gemstone found only in the Dominican Republic, and it stimulates the five functions of the skin:
It also has an antibacterial and firming action. Yep - very impressive. A one stop shop, you might even say.
Step 3.  The best anti ageing product for you will be selected, taking into account any specific skin issues or concerns you may have. By way of explanation, these are all products which contain peptides (which increase cell renewal), B3 (which stimulates collagen), orchid extract (which has uber moisturising qualities), and Youth Diamond Cream (which helps to increase circulation and nutrition to the skin). 
Marilyn Monroe had it right. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!
Step 4.  Just when you don’t think you could possibly feel any more blissed out, you will be treated to a deliciously luxurious face and decolletage massage. This stage of the treatment takes around 8 minutes, and you may well feel like crying when it is finished. It is that good. And all the while, the Gemology products are working away on your skin to nourish and hydrate. 
Step 5.  A hydrating eye contour cream is applied along with a Peridot Lip Balm. The Peridot contains magnesium, which protects the skin from the effects of ageing, at a cellular level. 
By now, I know you are thinking “My God, this is so high tech!”, and (for those in denial), “Chocolate IS a good choice for breakfast - fruit and nut is virtually Paleo!”, and quite rightly so. This is all very scientific. So you know it’s good. Turning back the clock is not all about slapping on face cream at random, and hoping for the best. 
Step 6.  You are going to love this next bit. A Diamond Cream Mask which contains Tourmaline, is applied. This little beauty helps to increase the circulation of the skin. And while it is doing it’s work, you will be treated to a pressure point scalp massage. 
Three words… Oh. My. God.
You will not recognise your skin when it’s all done. It will feel supremely clean, soft, and look plumper, radiant and well nourished. Dewy, you might say. We all love that.
There are a couple of add ons to this treatment, including application of an anti-ageing serum using ultrasonophoresis, or a Diamond Gel Mask which contains 4 types of vitamins and peptides (a handy replacement for salad, if there ever was one!), and boasts a 30% increase in the firmness, smoothness and hydration of the skin.
PS you can also save $$$ when you book a package of three treatments - it will set you back the princely sum of $270.
You can go ahead and book that treatment here.