2012 Awards

Shine Beauty inducted into the Hall of Fame

Sunshine Coast, Excellence in Business Awards Ceremony

On Saturday 10th of November 2012 at the Sunshine Coast, Excellence in Business awards ceremony, was held. It was a very special evening at the Innovation Centre and we all shared in the excitement as our regional business community came together to showcase and celebrate its wonderful efforts and achievements.

At the ceremony Shine Beauty was announced as a 2012, Hall of Fame inductee. In recognition of the businesses past outstanding multi award winning achievements. Shine Beauty has in previously years won the prestigious Lifestyle and Wellbeing, Excellence in Business award on three occasions - 2007 winners, 2008 winners & 2011 winners.

2012 Awards


The 2012 Hall of Fame inductee is... Shine Beauty.

The Shine Beauty salons chain was originally established in 1999. For the over 13 years the business has progressed and steadily developed to the stage where everyone knows Shine today!

40,000 customers a year visit the four Shine salon located in major Queensland shopping centres throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Clients love the pampering treatments, the luscious beauty products and the friendly, professional staff. Shine has a strong brand and reputation in the Australian beauty industry, innovative management systems, a leading online booking engine and more bright ideas ahead.

Shine Beauty is a proud Queensland small business. Shine every day, with beauty treatments to suit everybody! Congratulations Shine Beauty, our 2012 Hall of Fame inductee.


Tania Turner: "Thank you, it's such an honour to be recognized in business and to have so many friends and business associates I respect here also to share this moment with us. I am very proud of my entire Shine Beauty team, the girls are amazing and I would like to especially thank Laura my Sunshine Coast salon manager who lives and breathes our Shines core values... friendly & professional. All of our salon managers and Kassi our Area Manager whose dedication and love for Shine is overwhelming and sincerely appreciated."

2012 Awards

Joel Turner: "I'd also like to thank our Shine Beauty staff, our clients, our business partners, our friends here tonight and we would also like to thank our family for all their support over the years. On behalf of our Shine Beauty business, we are grateful and are honored to be inducted into the Excellence in Business Awards - Hall of Fame, at this fantastic event. We would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the event staff Melinda and Suzie and the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce. There are so many great Sunshine Coast businesses, that have been awarded tonight. We hope everyone is celebrating the year and has a great night! Thank you."