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Easy steps for your D.I.Y.
luxury spa facial at home ...
Step 1. Light your scented candle, pop your hair into a top knot and put on your favourite relaxation music.

Step 2. Cleanse with your favourite foaming or creamy cleanser once to remove makeup and second time for a squeaky clean. Rinse well using warm water & makeup remover pads

Step 3. Exfoliate using your granulated Perle Scrub or Blue Amber Peel and don’t forget your neck and de’collete; this should take about 4 mins. Then rinse clean.

Step 4. Saturate your skin with your rose quartz or sapphire hydrating lotion using upwards massage movements to help lift and tone until fully absorbed.

Step 5. Apply your Diamond Gel Mask as directed. This mask is power packed with nourishing, active ingredients that your thirsty skin will just drink up. It restores radiance and visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines. You will love it! Then put your feet up and relax for ten to twenty minutes.

Step 6. Peel the mask off and massage what is left, into the skin.

Step 7. Apply moisturiser, and gently tap on some eye cream.