Solution Facials

Skin Peels Intense results.

Results driven cosmeceutical peels that combine Glycolic, Hyaluronic Acid and Botanicals to deliver fresher, firmer, glowing skin.

Intro Peel (30mins) $85from 72 - 80 book now »

Tailored to your skins needs, this fast and effective peel treatment uses AHA's to start you on your journey to a refreshed and enviable skin.

Anti-Ageing Vitamin Peel (45mins) $109from 93 - 103 book now »

An anti-ageing advanced peel treatment with potent vitamins and cherry botanicals. For dehydrated, mature and sun damaged skin.

UltraCare Peel (45mins) $109from 93 - 103 book now »

A soothing Peel treatment, using chamomile botanical Azulene, to reduce redness, cool and calm sensitive skin.

Firma Peel (45mins) $109from 93 - 103 book now »

An invigorating peeling treatment enriched with minerals, to combat uneven complexions, skin pigmentation and ageing.

add Vitamin C $29

Powerful antioxidant serum that lightens and brightens.

add Vitamin E $29

Boosting skins immunities, healing and strengthening.