Concept and Philosophy

Chrystelle Lannoy has had a lifelong passion for precious gemstones and she is a highly regarded and accomplished French cosmetics industry leader. She combined her passions and expertise to develop the Gemology Cosmetics concept, which today is award winning and has been derived from the properties of 20 precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Chrystelle undertook expert scientific study to unearth the effects of the trace elements, which are concentrated naturally at the heart of these precious and semi-precious gemstones minerals... where unearthed they reside in their purest form, protected from outside pollution. Gemology Cosmetics was further developed to specifically utilize the precious minerals extracted from gemstones and there active mineral ingredients, due to their scientifically proven outstanding innovative results.

Our skin requires a daily dose of trace elements, such as iron, magnesium, zinc or chrome, and it has been scientifically proven that these pure and powerful activators provide multiple benefits. Drawing on the skin-enhancing characteristics of these natural minerals, the Gemology skincare range offers carefully chosen, high-quality activators.

Radiance, moisturizing, firmness, glowing, freshness... Gemology Cosmetics has a formulated skincare product perfect for all skin types and needs. With products that are sensorial and provide the pampering your skin truly deserves.

Your skin is precious; offer it the care it deserves. Our Gemology family of skincare products provide the vital power of precious minerals; carefully selected activators; scientifically tested formulas; measurable results; proven effectiveness; paraben-free formulas without propylene glycol or alcohol (ethanol); luscious, comfortable textures.