Here is what customers are saying about Gemology Cosmetics skincare in Australia and New Zealand :

I have been extremely fortunate to have been introduced to the Gemology range of skin care.

I was born in the 1950s, and as most of the population at that time spent most of my days surfing and lying on the beach. We did not wear sunscreen and unfortunately now that I am much older my skin really shows the “wear and tear” it suffered through the continual sun.

I have been using Gemology since 2018, and really love the products. Unfortunately, I have infrequent facials yet my skin still shows the benefit of these products.

I love the fact that there is a different range of products for each skin age. I have been advised to change the products over the years (As age catches up) and am now using the Sapphire range which really calms and suits my skin. I now use 4 or 5 products consistently, and these have softened my skin and given it an even texture, that is really noticeable.

Thank you Gemology for these great products and I look forward to using these products for many years to come.

Mary ( Caloundra, Qld ) - Aug 2021

Sapphire Calming Face Lotion - I have absolutely fallen in love with this lotion. As someone who has more of a sensitive skin type and a skin tone with pink undertones I have always struggled with redness especially on the cheeks. After using this product I started to see changes in my skin pretty quickly. This lotion does exactly what it is designed to do, and that is to reduce redness, calm and soothe the skin. I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Jade ( Arundel, Qld ) - Aug 2021

I have been using the Gemology products for nearly 5 years now and I believe my skin is looking very healthy. As I am in my mid 50’s and have had a lot of sun damage my beautician has been recommending the specific creams and serums for my skin to reduce the sunspots and dryness and I find that my friends are noticing how much fresher my skin is looking.

Sue - Aug 2021

I love the Gemology products and my skin has improved out of sight. I have sensitive skin, August last year my skin was red from using (competitors brand name withheld) astringent and I went to a beauty salon that uses Gemology Mineral skincare products and had a treatment and could not believe the difference it made and all the redness went ... Every time I have a treatment my skin just looks amazing, glowing & alive.

Lynne - Jul 2021

I was introduced to Gemology skincare range several years ago by a beauty therapist at my regular beauty salon in Caloundra and I then was fortunate to attend the Gemology launch in Maroochydore and have extended on my knowledge and usage of the different products. I am 56 and I am convinced that using the Youth Diamond range has made a significant difference and I receive compliments regularly on my skin using this product range. The Youth Diamond serum and Youth Diamond Cream are a must! I am very happy with the products and highly recommend the Gemology range.

Deb ( Caloundra West ) - Jul 2021

I have been using the Gemology products for over 2 years now and I can really tell the difference in my skin. Product that stands out as the most amazing for me is the anti stress face serum. From the very first use I noticed both a difference in my skin and the way I actually felt. I now use other products white pearl corrector, youth serum, youth diamond cream and white pearl sleeping mask. I do find these products work very well on my skin in the Australian climate. I guess the big stand out product for me is the anti stress serum, as I certainly felt anti stress.

Glenda ( Buderim ) - Jul 2021

I absolutely love Gemology products! Before making the switch to Gemology, I had really dry and flaky skin; my pores were enlarged and always clogged; and my skin really suffered no matter what I tried. The smithsonite repairing serum, blue amber cleanser, opal moisturiser cream and combination skin mineral mask have saved my life. I’m so glad I found a skin care routine that has really made a difference.

Emily ( Beerwah )- May 2021

I was hooked after using my beauty salon voucher my beautiful children gave me for Mother’s Day 2 years ago. Love Gemmology products especially the Smithsonite Repairing Face Serum. I suffered badly from scarring when I had severe acne as a teenager. However since using Gemmology in my facial daily routine my skin has improved enormously. Friends and family have noticed and comment frequently on such a difference my skin is and are amazed at the improvement. Thank you.

Rhonda - May 2021

When I booked in for my facial I had no idea how good this product was. The beauty therapist explained how each Gemology product worked in great detail to me and I knew then that it was for me, and I have always wanted and used natural products and have a great interest in diamonds and gems. Now that I can infuse them into my skin it is wonderful. I have only been using them for two weeks and already have had a compliment of how healthy my skin looks. I love the Peridot Anti-stress serum it is also my birthstone. Thank you for leading me into its wonderful world and my two daughters too.

Mary ( Golden Beach ) - May 2021

I am 56 and I am convinced that using the 'Youth' diamond range has made a significant difference and I receive compliments regularly on my skin using this product range. The Youth Diamond Serum and Youth Diamond Cream is a must. I am very happy with the products and highly recommend the Gemology range.

Deb - Apr 2021

I have been using the Gemology for a while,my skin feels great from using the anti-ageing range and the sensitive skin range. I find the minerals really help with my skin.

Anna Cassar - Apr 2021

I have been using Gemology skincare products for several years now. I have a few favourite products but particularly enjoy using the Face Scrub which leaves my skin smooth and able to breathe. I also love the White Pearl Sleeping Mask. It is easy to use and the following morning my skin feels soft and hydrated. Another favourite of mine is the Sapphire Face Lotion. Again it is easy to use and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I really enjoy using all my Gemology products.

Debbie - Apr 2021

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