Expertise and Research

Over time, the curative powers of precious gemstones have been observed and they are now scientifically proven.

Our Gemology gemstones are carefully selected to ensure their richness in trace elements.

Through liquefaction and chemical compounding, our cosmetology laboratories are now able to extract the natural trace elements present in minerals and use them in beauty skincare products. The 'Gemcomplex' extraction process releases precious minerials, then combines them in synergy with active ingredients to optimize bio-available performance.

We combine our process with high-quality formulation procedures, to produce an exceptional beauty skincare product range... Gemology Cosmetics.

Gemology Cosmetics are amazing due to the active mineral ingredients ability to moisturize, balance, calm, revitalize and add radiance to the face, body and skin.

With the goal of remaining as close as possible to the nature of skin, Gemology products are guaranteed paraben-free, without propylene glycol or alcohol.

Dr Jean-Claude Bozou